Social game development across multiple web platforms

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has title::Social game development across multiple web platforms
status: finished
Master: project within::Multimedia
Student name: student name::Edwin Razab-Sekh
Start start date:=2010/10/26
End end date:=2011/03/25
Supervisor: Anton Eliens
Second reader: has second reader::Lora Aroyo
Company: has company::IJsfontein
Thesis: has thesis::Media:Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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Tikkit is a campaign for the dutch museum association, that spans across multiple media and web platforms. The goal of the campaign is to educate children about cultural heritage, and stimulate children to visit musea.

One part of this campaign is online, and involves offering history themed games to children at online places that are visited often by children. These games are on different platforms, and the children will earn virtual rewards that can be used in different ways in each game. These rewards can also be gifted to other players.

The main technical challenge is to offer all functionality to the children, while hiding the complexity of adhering to the protocols of each web platform.