Software Requirement Traceability Using Semantic Wiki

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About Software Requirement Traceability Using Semantic Wiki


The objective of this project is to provide a method and a tool for requirement traceability. It involves using a set of keywords for intelligent requirement retrieval in software development and testing. The set of keywords is organised ontologically using a standard such as RDF/OWL. The project aims to facilitate search for relevant keywords intelligently, for instance, keywords that are synonymous. Since system behaviour documents are written by many people and the use or the semantics of the keywords may differ slightly, the unfiltered set of keywords will contain a number of synonyms. For instance, if a keyword “error reporting” is made, this keyword also relates to error triggering, error logging, error reporting interface, error reset etc., and then these other keywords do not have to be in the set of keywords. In order to retrieve the knowledge necessary to support this relation, a search system must have some understanding of the semantics of the use of those keywords.

Such a system can help link the requirements. And if linked, the keywords can help increase the usefulness of (and the commitment to) the requirement documents (SBD) as they become more accessible. When frequently used, the quality of the requirements would improve as they become more reliable and useful.

Project Activities

The project requires a Master student in Computer Science or Software Engineering to program and or configure the semantic wiki tools to do the following:

1. Extract information from the document repositories of RequisitePro and convert this into XHTML pages (semantic-wiki ready).

2. If matching ontology database keywords are found within the documents, the ontological relationship will be tagged in the wiki page. This can be done automatically or semi-automatically by the system. We will provide a tool that enables architects to add keywords into a glossary of terms. New terms will be recorded in the ontology database. At this point, new keywords do not need to have any semantic meanings.

3. Create a tool to allow users to create instances in new documents

The candidate is required to carry out the tool implementation and to study the effectiveness of using semantic wiki in knowledge sharing.