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===Open project proposals===
===Open project proposals===
{{#ask: [[Category:Projectproposal]] [[project within::{{PAGENAME}}]] [[fulfilled::No]]
{{#ask: [[Category:Projectproposal]] [[bachelorproject within::{{PAGENAME}}]] [[fulfilled::No]]
| mainlabel=Title
| mainlabel=Title
| ?has supervisor=Possible supervisor
| ?has supervisor=Possible supervisor

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This template is used for creating a page about a masterarea.

 |  Description=Description of the bachelor programme

The order of the fields is not relevant. The template should be given as the first thing on a page. Additional information about it can be provided on the remainder of the page.

Area of interest


External projects for this area can be found at the stagebureau website, see below for a list of possible internal (VU) projects.

Possible supervisors

{{#ask: supervises bachelor::Bachelorprogram

| ?has homepage=
| format=ul

}} {{#forminput:StaffmemberForm|20|staffmember|Add to the system|Staffmember[Areas]=Bachelorprogram}}


Open project proposals

{{#ask: bachelorproject within::Bachelorprogram fulfilled::No | mainlabel=Title | ?has supervisor=Possible supervisor }}

Running projects

{{#ask: is finished::No | mainlabel=Title | ?student name=Student | ?has supervisor=Supervisor | ?has second reader=2nd reader | ?has company=Company | ?start date=Start | ?end date=Finish | sort=end date | order=descending }} {{#forminput:BachelorProjectForm|30|give the project title|Add project|Bachelorproject[Bachelorprogram]=Bachelorprogram}}

Past projects

{{#ask: project within::Bachelorprogram is finished::Yes | mainlabel=Title | ?student name=Student | ?has supervisor=Supervisor | ?has second reader=2nd reader | ?has company=Company | ?end date=Finished | sort=end date | order=descending | limit=8 }}