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2 Feb 2015 (Monday)

  • Time: 15.30-18.00 hours
  • Location: room F647

About the presentation

  • Each student will have 8 minutes (4 minutes presentation/4 minutes feedback).
 ** Have max 5 slides covering the following topics 
 ** Title, student name & supervisor(s) names, institution(s)
 ** What is the Context & Problem statement for your research; why is it important and relevant to others; who are your users (target group)
 ** What are you Scientific Research Questions? Motivate their choice
 ** What is your Approach & Method in order to answer your RQs? This should also include an evaluation strategy.
 ** What is the Expected outcome and contribution of your work?

At the presentations

 *The supervisor(s) need to be present at the presentation.
 *All students should be present for all the presentations.


  • Register your project on the wiki asap (include an abstract on where and how you will do your project)
  • Print out the form (= your project wiki page), get it signed by your supervisor, and give it to the Onderwijsbureau, also asap.
  • Requirement for presentation: submit/upload Thesis Design document by 30 January 2015
  • Thesis Design needs to be approved by supervisor before uploading and registering for presentation
  • Thesis Design presentation is part of the overall Thesis Design grade.
 To register for presentation, each student has to send an email to Mojca Lovrencak by 27 January 2015 with the following:
 *student name
 *title of thesis

The final schedule of the presentation times will be available at: