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2 Feb 2015 (Monday)

  • Time: 15.30-18.00 hours
  • Location: room F647

About the presentation

  • Each student will have 8 minutes (4 minutes presentation/4 minutes feedback).
 ** Have max 5 slides covering the following topics 
 ** Title, student name & supervisor(s) names, institution(s)
 ** What is the Context & Problem statement for your research; why is it important and relevant to others; who are your users (target group)
 ** What are you Scientific Research Questions? Motivate their choice
 ** What is your Approach & Method in order to answer your RQs? This should also include an evaluation strategy.
 ** What is the Expected outcome and contribution of your work?

At the presentations

 *The supervisor(s) need to be present at the presentation.
 *All students should be present for all the presentations.


  • Register your project on the wiki asap (include an abstract on where and how you will do your project)
  • Print out the form (= your project wiki page), get it signed by your supervisor, and give it to the Onderwijsbureau, also asap.
  • Requirement for presentation: submit/upload Thesis Design document by 30 January 2015
  • Thesis Design needs to be approved by supervisor before uploading and registering for presentation
  • Thesis Design presentation is part of the overall Thesis Design grade.
  • To register for presentation, each student has to send an email to Mojca Lovrencak by 27 January 2015 with the following:
 *student name
 *title of thesis

The final schedule of the presentation times will be available at: