What's the story: building narratives around the ship model collection of Rijksmuseum

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About What's the story: building narratives around the ship model collection of Rijksmuseum

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Many museums and other heritage institutions have made their collections available online. However, it is unclear how online collections support their users in the process of interpretation and understanding the digital objects in those collection. In order to be able to use those objects and understand their meaning, users need to relate them to a story or place them in a context.

Within the context of the Agora project we examine the access to and interpretation of online cultural heritage collections. We support the understanding through (1) enriching the museum collection metadata with a structured notion of *historical events* and (2) semi-automatically generating proto-narratives from those events and objects with the purpose to help users interpret the objects.

To see whether the notions of historical events and the proto-narratives indeed support the understanding of objects in collections, we developed a demonstator and conducted several pilots with history students.

In this project, you will be able to apply the notion of the proto-narratives to create stories around the objects in the Rijksmuseum collection 'Ship Models'. It is an inspiring collection and contains a lot of interesting stories about ship trips, captains, etc. Students with special interest in User Interfaces could also explore in more depth the visualization and interaction with such narrative stories.