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Group assignments

During the course you work in a team on a project. The project is divided into four assignments (one for each week). The assignments should be made available the Monday of the next week. The assignments should be made accessible through the Wiki page of your group.

Assignment 1

Link to Assignment 1 (PDF)


  • Interactive video that reuses existing material
  • Description of interactive video (max 1 page)

Make deliverables available through your own VU www directory and link them from your team page on this Wiki.

Deadline: Monday 11 June, 17:00

Assignment 2


  • A description on the concept of your final application (max 2 pages)
    • What is the goal of the application?
    • What user group does it target?
    • What interaction do you want to support (navigation, scoring)?
    • How do you intend to create/reuse your assets (videos, images, ...)?
  • A description of an example scenario (max 1 page)

Deadline: Monday 18 June, 17:00

Assignment 3


  • Story graph for your final application and a brief explanation (max 3 pages)
  • Detailed scenario illustrated with assets

Deadline: Monday 25 June, 17:00

Assignment 4


  • Realisation of the final application
  • Description of the final application

Deadline: Monday 2 July, 17:00

Individual Essay

Writing an essay, in connection with the interactive video application, gives your the opprtunity to reflect on (the process of) your production, and allows for deepening your knowlegde about theoretical topics related to interactive multimedia, (mini)games and video.

The recommended subject of the essay is, in addition to the documentation that must be delivered with the interactive video application, a detailled description of the approach and structure of the interactive video, from the perspective of narratives and communication goals. This includes a characterization of the scenario(s), a discussion of design decisions, as well as your experiences with using the XIMPEL platform.

The essay should be between 2 and 4 pages.

Deadline: Thursday 5 July, 17:00


Each Thursday you present the work on your assignment. We grade both the content of the presentation as well as your presentation skills.

Peer reviews

During the course of the project you keep track of the progress of one other group. In week 2 and week 3 you write a review of this group's presentation. Provide both critical feedback as well as constructive comments for improvement (1-2 paragraphs).

Add your review to the Wiki page of the group that you are reviewing.


  • Peer review 1: project concept
  • Peer review 2: storygraph

Deadline: Friday (17:00) after the presentation

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