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There are several ways to get money to print your thesis.

  1. The 'pedel'
    In the folder you receive when you have submitted Form II you will find a declaration form for 500 euro. The pedel needs 10 copies of your thesis.
  2. SIKS
    Before sending your thesis to be printed, follow the instructions at the SIKS website to obtain 250 euros. SIKS will need 20 copies.
  3. Department
    The faculty of FEW requests 7 copies of your thesis, which they will return after they are put in the Metis system. You can then give them to Computer Science staff. An x percentage of this will be funded by the department. To obtain this funding, submit the original bill of the printing costs. Note: also ask your supervisors whether there is money reserved in your project budget for printing your thesis.

Note that for Dutch citizens it is also possible to get some money from the Tax Bureau (afterwards). See this link for more information.

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