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Great! You started thinking about finishing up your PhD. Now it is time to write those final chapters. But first, you should notify the administration that you want to do your defense. As of June 1st 2014, there are some modifications in the procedures, most notably all reading committee members now have to fill out a PhD reply form to give comments/approval to the thesis. More information can be found at:

FEW page

  • Fill out Form 1 (can be found here). Note that to fill out this form you need:
    • a copy/scan of your passport or id card
    • a copy/scan of your masters diploma (if of the VU) OR
    • a certified copy (with stamps and signature) of your masters diploma of another university

Also, start thinking about your reading committee. It should have 4 - 6 members (ideally 5). It should be nicely balanced, which means: 1. try to get someone from abroad, 2. try to get people from different research area's, 3. include one representative of SIKS, and 4. try to squeeze a woman in there ;). Try to invite them (your promotor will do this) such that there is some time between their invitation and the time that they actually get your thesis (for example one month). Your reading committee will have one month to read your thesis and provide comments.

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