Tips for a thesis in Word

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Tip 1 : Don't write it in Word :)

Tip 2 : If you do that, be prepared for frustrating incidents such as inappropriate page numbering, figures not in order, nasty converting of LateX papers to Word if there are any, reformatting the whole thesis after examining the hard copy and preparing the camera ready version for the printing office. But of course if you are absolutely comfortable with Word, you will overcome all these troubles...

Tip 3 : Use standard fonts such as Times New Roman etc. and font size 12 if you use A4 format, at the printing office they can rescale it to the book format that leads to a slight size decrease (around 30%), so finally you will get the text with font size 10 that is common for books. Consult the website of the printing company in advance to get all useful information about the process. If you don't want to spend hours on reading all the stuff on the website, contact the company per mail telephone, preferably not during summer holidays when you might not be able to speak to the right person that may result in misinformation, and ask very concrete questions about the format of the thesis, such as font size, margins etc.

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