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This wiki is a collection of information about doing your PhD defense at the Department of Computer Science of the VU, in particular the Agent Systems Research (ASR) group. Please contribute by adding any helpful information!

Practical Information about Printing Your Thesis and the Defense

Forms and Procedures
Tips for a thesis in Latex
Tips for a thesis in Word
Printing your thesis
Lunch/drinks afterwards
Financial information (Also contains information about the number of dissertations you have to print.)
Helpful links

Conferences and Journals

Some conferences/journals are more appropriate for and likely to accept our work than others. Here you can find lists of known journals and conferences where our group has successfully published papers:

Visited conferences
List of conferences
List of journals

Personal Development

You can take courses to either improve your skills in a certain area, to learn how to work with certain tools, or to gain knowledge in your research area.


News in the AI-world

Articles that caught our attention
News items that caught our attention


Interesting People
Interesting Research Groups


Writing and editing
Paper and Reference management
Creating presentations
Staying up to date

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