Why Study at the VU?

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Why study at the VU?

Top Researchers

Studying Computer Science at the VU means receiving education from some of the top researchers in the field. We strongly believe that our research staff should teach at all levels so you will find that most of our first-year courses are taught by some of the wolds most cited researchers in their field.

Challenging Education
The education you'll recieve is pro-active and challenging, with a clear structure that nurtures technical, academical and social skills. You'll have plenty of oportunity to excell and learn from your teachers, mentors and your fellow students in a cooperative and open environment. The instructors doors are allways open for any enquiries you might have. In various tests, the culture at our department has allways been rated very high.

Contacts with Businesses
Our departemnt maintains good relations with various Businesses in the field. Many teachers comibine a teaching and a company job and many projects during your education will be organized together with such companies. At the faculty bureau there are allways internships available within various companies large and small.

Digital Environment
As you should expect from the department of Computer Science, you will have many digital services at your call during your education, such as wireless hotspots throughout the building and a digital learning environemnt called blackboard, where you will find information about courses and a forum to discuss assignments and course materials with fellow students and teachers.


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