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Listed here are all VPR activities we do.


Schedule VPR activities

We maintain a list of who does what.

  • Each activity has a minimum number of participants.
  • All staff members should register for at least one VPR activity.
  • Add your name to the activity you want to help with.
  • If you do not add yourself, we will add you.

List of staffmembers who should register for a VPR activity


Lists of questions on VPR events: FAQ


On the Presentations page we keep an archive of presentations.


Links to relevant Videos which can be used for VPR.


  • PR activities of 2011 :
  • 2010's events:
  • verslagen van de vakwerkgroep


The Mirror page of the CS (Informatica) Bachelor page is used for acceptance of new (english) text.

  • list of website writers:


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