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Computer Science: Join The Talent Network

Computer Science: Just my thing?

Anyone can use a computer. In fact, most people use more than one daily without even realizing it. It's the most powerfull tool ever invented yet only a handful of 'nerds' understand the actual technology. They are the talented few that build the networks and invent the systems that billions depend upon. They invent new ways to use technology and explore the endless posibilities of computers. Do you want to be one of them? Join the VU Computer science programme and take the first step.

Join The Talent Network

At the VU we expect you to be curious, passionate, ambitious and open to change. You might think that's a lot to ask, but the return is worth it. Lectures by top researchers in the field of Computer Science in an international environment. Top class education with a lot of oportunities, both internationally as within the Netherlands in a dynamic field. There is allways a job for those with talent. Speaking of talent: Find out how 6 students of the VU Computer Science bachelor won a hacking competition!

Still in highschool? Come test the waters

Do you want to experience what it is like to study Computer Science at the VU? You can now apply to follow one of our courses when you are still in High School (VWO 5 or 6). The selected course will give you a good insight into the Computer Science programme. Read more about this option here.

Possibilities of Computer Science

New technologies offer new challenges. Issues like Security and privacy online environments, dubious and insecure content on the web, securing online banking and building networks that can withstand disasters. The connected world runs on networked systems that need to be secure. This is the core of your Computer Science education at the VU.

Studying in a modern research environment

To study the pervasive nature of computing, we believe it is important to understand the way computers are used. The interface is rapidly changing from the traditional keyboard-mouse setup to more intuitive ways of interacting with systems. In the INTERTAIN Experimental Research Lab at the VU, we recreate a natural setting where we can test new technlogies and new ways of interacting with the systems around us. Check out this short movie for an introduction of the Lab.

Computer Science: Technical, Applied of Fundamental?

Within the Computer Science programme at the VU, there are roughly three routes to take:

  • Technical: programming, networks, computer systems
  • Application: multimedia, software engineering
  • Fundamental: theory

    Within the Bachelor program you will be tought the basics of there three areas. In your third year you choose a minor programme that corresponds with one of the routes (combinations are possible)

    Contacts with the industry
    The Faculty has a large network of external contacts. There are many joined projects and lectures given by teachers from various companies. This way we maintain relations with many IT companies. It is easy to arrange internships this way or to come into contact with an interesting company during or after your studies.

    Your future as a Computer Scientist
    The networked world is built on computer science. Those who understand and control the underlying techniques quite literally hold the future in their hands. As a graduate of Computer Science you'll have a great chance to find a job you love, with a salary to match. Find out more about Job Perspectives here.

    Computer Science Research at the VU
    How do you build systems that never crash? Networks without routers? Or how to implement Internet technology in Africa? Find out more about the various research topics of our scientists on our research page

    Want to know more about Computer Science?
    Information Days
    Request a Brochure
    Regsiter directly for Computer Science at the VU

    Language: Dutch
    Duration: 3 years
    Fee: Find out more about the fee here
    Apply before: August 31 (Dutch students) ; April 1 (Foreign students)
    Start date: September 1 2012
    Form: Fulltime
    For Dutch Students: VWO profiel: NT / NG (met wiskunde B) / EM (met wiskunde B) / CM (met wiskunde B)
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