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Activities for staff members Computer Science

Vakwerkgroep VPR CS

 Weekly meetings for connection activities to high school and PR activities for CS department.

E-Klassen module

 Digital modules of several topics have been created in the group of Beta partners for VWO students.
 A list of available e-klassen can be found here; http://www.e-klassen.nl
 We can add new e-klassen or participate on the improving of current e-klassen.

 Modules we already worked on include; 
 'Social Web'  - Willem van Hage
 'Computer criminaliteit' - Herbert Bos
 'Hoe werkt de computer precies' - Spyros Voulgaris
 'Bioinformatica' - Anton Feenstra
 Contribute to the development of one of the modules or willing to help create a new one.
 - Guillaume Pierre (willing to help with existing modules and/or develop new modules such as this one)
 - Bernt Brandt(*) Bas Teusink(*)


 An ITS-Lab is a 4 hours event at the VU, hosted in the INTERTAIN lab, where students receive a lecture and 
 do practical work on the same topic. Roughly comparable to a master class, but shorter and for a whole class.

 Give an ITS Lab. 
 - Mark Hoogendoorn
 Contribute to the development of an ITS lab
 - Femke van Raamsdonk (*) Dimitri Hendricks (*)
 - Lora Aroyo

Master class IMM

 The IMM master class is highly desired, but a topic needs to be determined before we announce this to students.
 High school students apply individually for a day at the university. One topic is treated with a large focus on
 practical work. This master class needs to have links with business. 
 Keywords; Web Science, the future of IT & business, impact of semantic web on society, requirements engineering,
 applications of ubiquitous computing, etc.

 Staff members needed to create or contribute to the development a new masterclass. 
 - Hans Akkermans(*)
 Give the master class IMM

High school visit

 To improve our visibility at schools we should go there. Give a lecture about your topic(s) to a class.
 Go to a high school and give a lecture

On-line courses

 Help create on-line lectures (Create a video of your course(s) / iTunesUniversity)
 To be used for high schools, for our own students and for the internet audience.
 Other options include giving a course in real-time where high school can tune into.
 Make a video of your course (AVC / UBVU available for helping to create this)
 - Bruno Crispo (*) 

 Give a lecture from the Intertain lab on which multiple high schools can tune in.

 Contribute to the development of the lectures.


 We are busy creating a BLOG. From our students for our potential new (high school) students.
 Once this is up & running we need a few moderators and/or contributors.
 Help set up a BLOG
 Help moderate the upcoming CS blog 


 Our biggest advertisement tool. Thousands of people view it every month. Help make it more attractive.

 Help maintain & improve part of the www.cs.vu.nl website
 - Klaas de Graaf
 - Nathalie van der Wal
 - Anton Feenstra 
 - Caroline Waij
 - Ceriel Jacobs 
 - Victor de Boer
 - Kees Verstoep
 - Guillaume Pierre
 - Stefan Vijzelaar 
 - Evert Haasdijk

 Make a testimonial for one of our website
 -Dan Brickley  (*) 

Nascholing VWO docenten

 Starting September 2010, a VWO informatica teachers nascholing will be running.
 Help VWO docenten with questions or information about a topic.
 - Evert Haasdijk

Discovery festival

The Discovery festival is every year somewhere in september. The festival focuses on science, art and dance. It can act as a podium to improve visibility of the university/research group. Participating requires an interesting topic, where the essence is easy to understand. Some sort of interactive (fun) experiment or demonstration is required. http://www.discoveryfestival.nl/

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