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Getting familiar with XtreemOS

If you are new to XtreemOS, you might want to take a look at the user guide. The latest version is here:

Even if you are familiar with XtreemOS, it is recommended to look at the user guide, as it describes recent XtreemOS 2.0 features. What you should read from the guide:

  • Chapter 2 (Overview)
  • Section 4.3 (Application Execution Management)
  • Section 4.5 (XOSAGA)

The Testbed

Currently the testbed consists of 3 machines:

  • (core node + resource)
  • (resource + client node)
  • (resource + client node)

Here the user guide for the old VU testbed (the one with XtreemOS 1.0): Xtreemos user howto VU.pdf

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