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  • The goal is to write software that runs on XtreemOS. We will use our local XtreemOS testbed as the main development platform.
  • The svn repository should contain only code written by us. All 3rd party software should come as dependencies to external packages (JBoss, MySQL, Java, dist-serv, etc.). We will use the versions that come by default in the XtreemOS distribution (XtreemOS is based on the current Mandriva distribution)
  • We will release 4 separate RPMs for the different parts of the project:
    • WS-escape (RPM depends on JBoss, MySQL etc): contains mostly Leo's, Obaid's, and Niek's code
    • WS-escape-demo (RPM depends on WS-escape): contains the demo application, load generator and control GUI
    • Dist-serv: distributed servers
    • DS-loadbalancer (RPM depends on dist-serv): the load balancer built using distributed servers
  • Obviously, the svn repository will contain separate directories for the different sub-packages, config files etc.
  • We will be using XtreemOS standards for choosing directories where to install files (/etc/xos/ws-escape for config files etc.), file names etc.
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